2023 Conference

Saskatchewan Hearing Health Conference

September 29, 2023

Dagmar Kuril
Preserving Person Centered Care Principles in Virtual Appointments

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Ted Venema
Rumors of tumors PT1

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Chris Stokes
Rees and Jenn Hutchingame – Verification in 2020: Optimizing Amplification through Efficient Measurement

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Linda Berg
The Post-Pandemic Environment for Canada’s Hearing Industry

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Matt Mac Mullen & Leslie Holden
Practitioners and Advocacy: Advancing Our Professional Agenda

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Dave Fabry
Moving at the speed of innovation

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Ted Clegg
Assisted Listening Devices and Why They Are Important!

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Corey Hill
How will you measure your life?

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Cindy Joo
The Simplicity of Sonic Captivate

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Leigh Martin
Innovations in Hearing Aid Fitting Solutions for Standalone and Mobile Clinics

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Jillian Price
Tele audiology for Hearing Health Professionals and the Client Experience

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Ted Venema
Rumors of Tumors PT2

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Rebecca Angel
Brain hearing making sense of sounds

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We would like to invite you to the Saskatchewan Hearing Health Conference 2023.

This will be a Virtual Conference in which people who pay to attend will be receiving an invite to attend the conference live. There will be at least 10 CEU’s that are IHS approved courses.



Registration Fees:

All registration fees include all three days of the conference, as well as an option for recording if they cannot attend a live virtual event.


SHIPS Members  $150

Non-members     $150

Students $150


September 16-18,2020

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